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In-game Chat Translator

If, like me, you find yourself baffled by all the gobbledegook scrolling up the screen in game lobbies or in-game message consoles, help is finally at hand. There is an invaluable new utility, currently in beta testing, which translates and interprets gamer-speak, turning it into meaningful English before your eyes. Here’s an example I downloaded from the developer’s website. The translations run beneath the original messages in italics.
[d34thbr1ng3r] yo d00d.
[Nigel] Hello.

[s0ult4k3r] lo ma maaaaan.
[Tristram] Hello.

[d34thbr1ng3r] im r33lly in the mood 4 sum fragging 2nite
[Nigel] My boss has been going in dry on me all day.

[s0ult4k3r] yeh me 2. im gonna kik sum lamers ass
[Tristram] That girl I’ve been following served me with a restraining order this afternoon.

[d34thbr1ng3r] yor clan r00l last nite?
[Nigel] How did yesterday evening’s match unfold?

[s0ult4k3r] maaan we 0wned em.
[Tristram] We lost.

[d34thbr1ng3r] kool. so u stayin with Clan KillKreW?
[Nigel] Congratulations. Do you intend to remain with the other parking attendants?

[s0ult4k3r] na. there holdin me back
[Tristram] No. They are throwing me out.

[d34thbr1ng3r] go 4 it. u will get a nu clan in no time
[Nigel] Do you think that’s wise? I can’t imagine they’ll be lining up to recruit you.

[s0ult4k3r] 2 rite m8
[Tristram] I wish. Strictly single-player mode for me from now on. Sob.