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The Author, Christopher BrookmyreChristopher Brookmyre is the author of fourteen published novels to-date, the latest being Where The Bodies Are Buried.

In 2006 Christopher won the seventh Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Fiction with All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses An Eye and, as is tradition, a Gloucestershire Old Spot pig was named after the winning novel.

On accepting the award, Christopher said:

“My favourite PG Wodehouse quote is ‘It is seldom difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine’; today I’d like to think that I resemble the ray of sunshine.”

Quite Ugly One Morning was the winner of the Critics’ First Blood Award for Best First Crime Novel of the Year in 1996.

The short story “Bampot Central” was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association Macallan Short Story Dagger in 1997; Christopher has written a fair few other pieces of short fiction.

Boiling a Frog won the Sherlock Award for Best Comic Detective Novel in 2000 and Christopher became the only writer to win two Sherlocks when Be My Enemy picked up the 2004 prize.

In 2007, Christopher was given the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award for Writing.

Christopher’s Wikipedia entry is here.

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